Topography of Paint Landscapes

I get many comments about whether my abstractions are topographical maps of certain locations.  Locations that the viewer may have a connection to or not.  Maybe I chose to create a location using bright colors; which is an idea for future pieces as impressionistic art.  A chance for someone to enter the world of POWPAPER with points of reference so that the travelers have a real world map.  Possibly, but my abstractions come from another place and create a different world. 

Walking through artist studios I stumbled across the used wooden and disposable paper palettes of painters.  These remnants of ideas and experiments in color, theories from the minds of creators of worlds. The foundations for masterpieces and amateur art are built on paint palettes before the main structure is built on canvas.  Colors line up and begin to dance and mingle as the mind of the painter begins to work and solve dilemmas. These foundations became the basis of my abstractions in paper form.  The swirl and mixing of paint to transform into new colors, the abandoned trials, and the abstract computations.

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Inspiration: Wintergatan

When it comes to inspiration I need to look to other creators and designers.  Seeing what they create, how they create, and what makes up the core of their creations.   The core or what makes that creation 'work' or its uniqueness.  I look to how others achieve their greatness and their greatness can inspire you in many ways. 

Subject: Marble Music Machine

About 2 years ago I stumbled upon a video about a music machine created by a man in a band.  His creation is the Wintergatan Marble Machine.  This machine was created from wood and Legos (Technic) using a trial and error building technique.  It's a giant music box that uses gears and cranks that moves marbles that drop onto instruments to make music.  It was created by one person who had an idea and fell into the narrow eyed artist/creationist focus.

The original machine video: Wintergatan Marble Machine.  Blog continues below.

2 years later Wintergatan is now creating a new and improved version called the Marble Machine X.  He is using CAD modeling with 3D printers and CNC machining to improve his machine to the next level.  Trial and Error has been replaced with prototyping and cooperation with experts from around the world has polished the original design. 

Seeing the process of how this creator is completing his work gives a glimpse of what thought he is putting in this next version of his creation.

Reflections Art Series: Part 2

Reflections in the Flag Part 2

As said in Part 1, I'm not trying to be political, but we do need to reflect on our own society about the issues we have today.  These issues affect all of us yet most are effected more severely than the small percentage of the wealthy.  All countries have a wealth gap and most will find during the development of their country is when that gap widened.  Although in the United States of America we removed some legal barriers that prevented the hoarding of cash by CEOs in the 30s and 40s.  About 100 years ago CEOs made slightly higher than the employees that worked for them and some cases less.  Now they make millions while many of their employees don't make enough to live and support their families.   The rich don't face the issues that the lower income families have to deal with every day.  The poor can't fight or else they will lose their job or retaliated in some other way.  Our country was given away to corporations and those same corporation exploit tax loop holes and hoard their earnings rather than supporting our people, widening the gap. 

Art, Review

Traditional Meets Modern

Traditional motifs meets modern design

After spending years as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator I started creating my paper art.  With my background my pieces started with a heavy focus on design.  Alongside my design style I tended to use an abundance of bright colors.  Many of my earlier paper art piece tended to have my aesthetic using bright colors.  The use of bright colors was to reflect my style, though not appealing to the broader audience. 

Recently, after giving in to the numerous requests for a traditional palette I have created a mini series of a limited color palette.  I looked into what else used limited colors effectively and found traditional Asian ink paintings to be highly effective.  So to bring some of my culture to my portfolio of work I began creating a small series of work in tribute to the past. So I started with the general imagery with red accents.  

Horse and Hummingbird pieces were created while mimicking the varying intensities of ink and ink absorption into a paper canvas. The Koi, Bonsai, and Pagoda pieces use the accents of red to make a bold statement. These are several of the many pieces I have created in 2018.  Please let me know what you think in the comments below. 

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Reflections Art Series: Part 1

Reflections in the American Flag

Preface: Thoughts and Prayers

Throughout history artists have been creating and speaking out on political issues using their art. They had an easy outlet to speak out.  An easy way for viewers to absorb that message.  Nowadays we have social media and the easy transmission of political and social views.  I'm not saying I'm one of these political pioneers of art, but I want to share my thoughts about our society. Ideas not to bash or spread hatred.  Ideas to show what our society has become as a call to our communities that we have problems that need fixing.  The more that people keep talking about these issues, without violence, we can improve ourselves. 

Part 1 of my series of "Reflections in the American Flag"

Gun Violence, Eric Pow, 16x20", paper, 2018.  Blood pours onto our streets, offices, schools, and US soil from domestic acts of violence. Yet our society has become desensitized to mass shootings and we don't react as strongly anymore.  We have accepted that gun violence is what makes America, America.  So this piece reflects our attributes we assigned to our society. 

The smoke rises from empty shell casings as the white stripes while the red stripes are the blood fro shooting victims.  The blue a bulletproof vest, the metal plates, the protection we give our members of this society to protect themselves rather than protection from laws.  Bullet holes line the blue as our stars; the victims that stand out until we forget. 

All is paper, as paper can be strong when great laws are written on paper, but weak as all laws can be influenced by organizations with great wealth.