Reflections Art Series: Part 2

Reflections in the Flag Part 2

As said in Part 1, I'm not trying to be political, but we do need to reflect on our own society about the issues we have today.  These issues affect all of us yet most are effected more severely than the small percentage of the wealthy.  All countries have a wealth gap and most will find during the development of their country is when that gap widened.  Although in the United States of America we removed some legal barriers that prevented the hoarding of cash by CEOs in the 30s and 40s.  About 100 years ago CEOs made slightly higher than the employees that worked for them and some cases less.  Now they make millions while many of their employees don't make enough to live and support their families.   The rich don't face the issues that the lower income families have to deal with every day.  The poor can't fight or else they will lose their job or retaliated in some other way.  Our country was given away to corporations and those same corporation exploit tax loop holes and hoard their earnings rather than supporting our people, widening the gap.