Inspiration: Sylvan Esso

I listen to a lot of music, a wide range of artists from many genres. From electronic dance music to rock and pop, I listen to most of it all. You can determine a hit song by just how the rhythm and melody can grab you. Every time you hear that one song it pulls you out of subconscious listening. There is a certain special element that makes a song, no matter how long it is, to pull you in and affect you. Even if the words were inaudible mouth sounds it still should have the same effect.

I recently heard a song come up on my Pandora playlist that was related because the song had electronic music coupled with a talented singer. This song is Die Young by Sylvan Esso. Lyrics aside the song has a grab that brings you in if you like electronic music and if you like pop singers.

What I found fascinating was the remake of the song, usually from non-electronic to electronic remix, with a heavy focus on string and brass instruments, backup vocalists instead of a voice loop. Its a great remix without losing the core melody that make the song what it is.