marble machine


Inspiration: Wintergatan

When it comes to inspiration I need to look to other creators and designers.  Seeing what they create, how they create, and what makes up the core of their creations.   The core or what makes that creation 'work' or its uniqueness.  I look to how others achieve their greatness and their greatness can inspire you in many ways. 

Subject: Marble Music Machine

About 2 years ago I stumbled upon a video about a music machine created by a man in a band.  His creation is the Wintergatan Marble Machine.  This machine was created from wood and Legos (Technic) using a trial and error building technique.  It's a giant music box that uses gears and cranks that moves marbles that drop onto instruments to make music.  It was created by one person who had an idea and fell into the narrow eyed artist/creationist focus.

The original machine video: Wintergatan Marble Machine.  Blog continues below.

2 years later Wintergatan is now creating a new and improved version called the Marble Machine X.  He is using CAD modeling with 3D printers and CNC machining to improve his machine to the next level.  Trial and Error has been replaced with prototyping and cooperation with experts from around the world has polished the original design. 

Seeing the process of how this creator is completing his work gives a glimpse of what thought he is putting in this next version of his creation.