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Reflections Art Series: Part 1

Reflections in the American Flag

Preface: Thoughts and Prayers

Throughout history artists have been creating and speaking out on political issues using their art. They had an easy outlet to speak out.  An easy way for viewers to absorb that message.  Nowadays we have social media and the easy transmission of political and social views.  I'm not saying I'm one of these political pioneers of art, but I want to share my thoughts about our society. Ideas not to bash or spread hatred.  Ideas to show what our society has become as a call to our communities that we have problems that need fixing.  The more that people keep talking about these issues, without violence, we can improve ourselves. 

Part 1 of my series of "Reflections in the American Flag"

Gun Violence, Eric Pow, 16x20", paper, 2018.  Blood pours onto our streets, offices, schools, and US soil from domestic acts of violence. Yet our society has become desensitized to mass shootings and we don't react as strongly anymore.  We have accepted that gun violence is what makes America, America.  So this piece reflects our attributes we assigned to our society. 

The smoke rises from empty shell casings as the white stripes while the red stripes are the blood fro shooting victims.  The blue a bulletproof vest, the metal plates, the protection we give our members of this society to protect themselves rather than protection from laws.  Bullet holes line the blue as our stars; the victims that stand out until we forget. 

All is paper, as paper can be strong when great laws are written on paper, but weak as all laws can be influenced by organizations with great wealth.